From a basic layout to an intricate landscape design complete with an English Garden and bubbling brook, our professional team of designers will listen to your ideas & create the outdoor setting that you have in mind.

Landscape designs provide a scale accurate professional drawings of your yard showing all existing and new features; a comprehensive layout incorporating your needs and wants. Includes a complete planting schedule, materials sheet with quantities and do-it-yourself instructions

Do it yourself Options- Ranging from a consultation to full design
$95 per hour Consultation –I hour minimum

  • One hour on-site consulting session with our University educated landscape designers
  • A list of materials needed to complete the project with costs and delivery options


Tier 1 Design

  • Consultation included
  • Computer drafted or hand sketched design with existing features as needed
  • Per client meeting incorporating all wanted elements
  • Basic notes as needed for construction directions/suggestions
  • 1 revision per owner’s notes and comments up to 1 hour
  • A .PDF file and one 11”x17” printed copies of design

Starting At $300


Tier 2 Design

  • Includes everything in Tier 1
  • Full planting plan- including complete plant schedule
  • Supplementary elevation drawing as needed to show design intent
  • Colored if needed to communicate design intent
  • A .PDF file, one colored “11×17” print and one black and white print of design

Starting At $600


Tier 3 Design

  • Includes everything from Tier 2
  • Designed by a Licensed Landscape Architect
  • Preliminary sketch with homeowners on-site
  • Comprehensive notes and details
  • A.PDF file, one colored and laminated print and 2 black and white prints of design size 24”x36”

Starting At $750


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