Bulk Salt in Draper

Stock Up on Bulk and Bag Road Salt


Bulk Salt:

Regular Store Hours Price:           $49/yard, $39/yard 5+ yards

Storms Hours Price:                        $69/yard 2 yard minimum


Bagged Salt:

                                                        Ice Bomb                                         Purple Heat

                                                           Coarse Salt      (Melts to 0* F )           MgCl Blend  (Melts to -13* F)

Per Bag                                               $4.49/Bag                                              $5.99/Bag

Pallet Price                                       $3.99/Bag                                               $5.59/Bag

After Hours Price                           $5.49/Bag                                              $6.99/Bag


We offer easy Bulk and Bag Salt pick up.

We are open in bad weather to quickly fulfill your road salt orders for your convenience.

Snow removal contractors can load up on salt several times a day or night

convenient location saves you time and money during haves work periods

Bulk Road Salt
Bulk and Bagged Products

Text Updates on Storm nights available.

With our special storm hours you can pick up salt when you need it most. No more worrying if you run out mid-storm. We’ve got you covered