Benefits of Mulch

Mulch can be very beneficial to your landscape design, it can be a cheaper and greener alternative to a traditional lawn. Let’s take a look at what mulching is and what it can do to help your landscape.

Really, mulch is any layer of substance that is placed over soil. Usually it’s some kind of organic material such as bark, wood chips, or compost, but mulch can be non-organic material such as rubber or plastic. The rubber is usually recycled tires, and plastic is usually used in large scale vegetable growing. The benefits of applying mulch to soil are as follows.

1. Water Conservation — Immense amounts of water are used every day in the watering of lawns. Water conservation is important for a more sustainable future. One way to help conserve water used in landscaping is to lay mulch instead of having a lawn. Mulch doesn’t need to be watered and can cut down on water consumption during daily watering.

2. Beautification — Mulches come in a variety of colors and styles that can enhance the visual appeal of your landscape. They come in rich, dark colors or bright, vibrant ones, that can be customized to enhance any landscape.

3. Fewer Weeds — Mulches suppress the growth of plant material in the  soil beneath them by blocking access to the surface. Mulches laid around existing plants will help stop weeds and unwanted plant material from growing around them.

4. Improved nutrients in soil — Organic mulches will decay over a period of time. As they decay, nutrients are released into the soil beneath them, making the soil more fertile for future planting.

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Tips for A Healthy Lawn

Having a healthy lawn takes time and care. We at landscape supply want everyone’s yard to look great, especially if your a do-it-yourselfer. Here are some tips to ensure that your lawn is always looking healthy and green.

Water deeply – Your grass absorbs the most water at it’s roots, if you only water during hours of high sun and heat, then most your water will be evaporated.  If you only water for short periods of time, the water will not have the chance to soak into the soil and get to the roots. Always be sure to give the water the time it needs to get to where it will help the most.

Repair your lawn when damaged – This might seem like a no-brainer, but more often than not, dry spots get ignored. If you discover your lawn has some issues in some areas, don’t wait to take care of them. The tricky part is identifying why your lawn is suffering. It could be lawn grubs, a fertilization problem, or simply not enough water. Taking the time to identify the problem, and then fixing it, is important.

Take care of weeds and pests – There’s a lot more to lawn care than just fertilization and watering. Pests and insects can feed on the roots of your lawn and destroy them quickly. Your lawn is constantly competing for resources from other plants and weeds. Make sure your lawn doesn’t have to suffer due to foreign intruders.

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Callistemon “Scarlet torch’

This drought tolerant variety has the largest bright red flowers and is irresistible to hummingbirds. It blooms from late spring through summer. This easy care shrub has gray-green foliage and makes a fantatic hedge or pruned as a small tree. This is perfect for smaller landscapes.



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How to use Bark Mulch

Mulch has many benefits and adds a lot to your landscape, but if you’re not careful, mulch can also hurt your landscape.

Be sure not to pile the mulch too far up a tree. The standard is no more than 3-5 inches thick. The mound of mulch keeps the bark of the tree moist which promotes insect and disease. Ideally mulch is applied evenly around the base of the tree. It should be flat and pulled several inches away from the base of the tree.

Mulch is a great way to suppress weeds and help retain moisture. But putting too thick of mulch can be a hot bed for insect and rodents that nibble on the tree bark.

Course mulch doesn’t pack closely together and can get windblown seeds in it. It’s less effective at suppressing weed and you smaller plants looked dwarfed next to the course mulch.

Mulch is very useful and adds a lot ascetically to your landscape. If it’s used correctly.

How to Properly Water Your Plants

Just as too much water is bed for us, the same is true for our plants.

There is no hard and fast rule when its comes to watering plants. There are a lot of variable, type of plant, soil, weather, time of year.

Watering slowly is the most effective, watering too quickly or too much all at once leaves the roots at the core of the plant dry. The key is to ensure the water gets to the roots.

Check the soil with our finger, focus on the root zone, it’s the roots that need the water, not the leaves. Be sure to water only when needed. Too little water is as damaging as too much water.

Using mulch helps reduce run off and slows evaporation. By keeping the ground temperature down, you reduce the amount of water needed for the plants.

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Benefits of a Landcape Design

Create a place where you want to live, work, play and strive. Trained and educated landscape designers work to enhance and compliment your space that is not only beautiful but provides real benefits.

Cheung Landscape Design

We can create a space where you want to spend more time. Using our expertise we will select plants that meet your wants and needs, as well as contribute to the overall environmental quality of your home. Stabilizing soils, mitigating noise, Etc.

A well designed landscape can cut your energy costs dramatically. You also add value to your home by


providing a great and enticing landscape.

We listen to your desires and design for you. Specific to your concept to help you create the yard you have always wanted. A professional landscape design helps tie the property together and present you home and style to the world.

Whether you plan to install yourself or want help, a landscape design is a great place to start. Let us get your dream yard underway!

Madsen Landscape Design

Simple Fall Landscaping Tips

Yards have four distinct seasons. Of these, fall is a time when yards wind down and prepare for winter, but it doesn’t mean yards can’t offer abundant bursts of beauty year-round. Fall features stunning shades of oranges, gold, yellows and reds. Autumn is also when leaves turn brilliant tings of gold, crimson and orange. Additionally, gardens are abundant with vegetables and fruit trees are heavily bearing loads of apples, peaches, pears and plums. There are several ways homeowners can prepare for fall’s beautiful season. Tips include:

  • Trees – When planting trees, homeowners should consider what they would look like in the fall and winter. The following trees turn stunning shades of gold in the fall: ash, birch, beech, ginko, butternut, honey locust, hickory, sugar maple, linden, pecan, tulip trees, poplar and walnut. Red shades include hawthorne, dogwood, red maple, sophora, scarlet oak, sweet gum and sourwood. Orange shades include Ohio buckthorn, yellowwood and paperback maple. Consider adding shrubs that offer colorful berries, which include hawthorn, dogwood, holly, Russian olive, flowering crab, golden rain tree, sourwood and mountain ash.
  • Perennial Flowers – Perennial flowers return annually. Flowers that look stunning in the autumn months include turtlehead, aster, Joe Pye weed, chrysanthemum, helenium, sedum and helianthus. Utah Landscaping Supplies’ specialists offer expertise in helping homeowners select plants that thrive in their specific growing areas and climates.
  • Color Boost – Bursts of autumn asters, chrysanthemums and pansies look especially good in container gardens.
  • Vegetation – Homeowners should never underestimate the dual purpose of vegetables. Many vegetables offer a stunning array of autumn colors, including kales and cabbages.
  • Landscape – Adding touches of fall gourds and pumpkins not only gives gardens an instant color-boost, but they also look attractive as entryway décor. Corn stalks can be harvested for a more playful touch, looking especially charming near mailboxes and front doors.
  • Spring Bulbs – Fall is when avid gardeners begin to order their springtime bulbs. Many bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, spring crocuses, etc., require October planting schedules. A great way to incorporate multi-season blooms is to plant bulbs in the same hole as chrysanthemums. In the spring, when chrysanthemums are dormant the bulbs will bloom and in the fall when bulbs are dormant, chrysanthemums will take their place.

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Top Gardening Trends

Summer is in full swing and there are a number of gardening trends that homeowners are incorporating into their Salt Lake City landscaping. These trends include:

  • Fragrance – Instead of focusing on flowers that do not have a scent, consider creating landscape themes that are abundant and rich with beautiful scents, including jasmines, lavender and roses.
  • Variegation – While blooms are seasonal, evergreen variegated foliage will help keep a yard looking stunning long into fall and winter. Consider opting for variegated leaves that add powerful punches of green hues.
  • Bulbs – Bulbs require planting in the fall, but many places will soon be accepting orders later this month. Bulbs are among the first blooms in the spring, adding a welcoming touch of color to any yard.
  • Edibles – More homeowners are turning to landscaping that offers dual benefits. Consider adding touches of perennial herbs, such as thyme, lavender, oregano, chives and even Bright Lights Swiss chard or kale. Not only are these plants edible, they offer brilliant shades of spectacular colors.
  • Old Fashioned Styles – Many people are embracing the return of yesteryear, opting for nostalgic plants such as hydrangeas, Russian sage, lavender, impatiens, moonflower and celosia.
  • Animals – Consider planting plants and flowers that attract bees, butterflies and birds. Not only do these insects and animals offer pops of attractive color, but also they offer numerous benefits for plants and for the environment.
  • Permeable Pavers – The latest pavers allow water to percolate through the surface, which in turn reduces unwanted runoff. These pavers are extremely attractive and functional, elevating any yard to an upscale design.
  • Eat – Consider opting for bushes that are also edible, such as the thornless raspberry or thornless blackberry. Many berry shrubs and bushes come in dwarf sizes, which makes them ideal for any size of yard or even for patio gardening.
  • Hanging Baskets – This year is about embracing large, overflowing blooms. Consider placing hanging baskets on a stake for added dimension to gardens or simply hang them from a deck or patio.
  • Chickens and Gardening – More people are embracing having a homestead, which includes a natural approach to living. Whether it’s growing their own gardens, raising their own chickens or simply choosing green-friendly native plants, this concept is rapidly growing in the hearts of American towns everywhere.

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The Unique Elements of Water Features

Water is a powerful substance that evokes feeling in all people. Adding a Utah water feature to your landscape comes with a multifold of benefits. There are many attractive traits of water features. If you have been considering a water feature as an option for your landscape, here are some things that might persuade you:

  • Water is very sensory – it appeals  to our hearing with the sound of a gentle stream flowing or water cascading  from a waterfall, creating soothing effects.
  • Water features lend focus to  a landscape and also soothes the sight.
  • A water feature can help to create   a cozy or romantic ambience in your yard.
  • Water features can be used   to create a sense of serenity.
  • Your Utah water feature can be  a part of your own private get-away area in your yard – a place where you   and your family can retreat to relax.
  • Water features exist in many  options, from simple water vases and water fountains, to elaborate ponds   and waterfalls with streams.
  • They are adaptable to any type  of theme, from romantic and classic, to rustic and zen-like.
  • Unique sculptures or statues   for water fountains add another layer of artistry.

Landscape Supply of Utah offers many water feature options to meet your special taste and unique design ideas for your yard. In addition to water features, we also have a broad selection of trees, shrubs, and plants, Utah landscaping rocks, boulders, flagstone, and Utah compost, Utah mulch, and Utah topsoil. We also have a selection of fire features. Contact us to get more information about our Utah landscaping supplies.

Greener Lawn Tips

Having a beautiful lawn is right at your fingertips. By following the advice listed below, you too can have a beautiful summer lawn.

  • Stop Fertilizing – While fertilizer is important, people who over fertilize often see their yards experience more disease and insect vulnerability. Once in the fall months is best for fertilizing.
  • Mowing – Taller grass is healthier, helping reduce weeds and keeping the soil cooler, which encourages healthy microbes. This also encourages bare grass to remain thick and spread on bare spots, helping promote deep root penetration. Setting the mower’s blade between three-and-a-half to four inches is optimal for drought resistance.
  • Just Say No – Healthy grass is less likely to succumb to insect damage and disease. Avoiding insecticides, pesticides and fungicides is recommended, as this can harm the healthy microbes and earthworms that work together to aerate the soil.
  • Don’t Overwater – Contrary to popular belief, grass does not require watering during dry spells. While the grass may turn brown, it is alive and can go dormant for several months. If someone wants a green lawn year-round, it is best to water infrequently but deeply.
  • When to Fertilize – Never use high-nitrogen fertilizers, as these make lawns weak and more vulnerable to disease and drought. Fertilize in the fall – November for mid-latitudes and October for more northern latitudes.
  • Why Fertilize in the Fall – Fertilizing in the fall helps the soil stay warmer, promoting deep root growth. By building these roots in the fall and winter, it means a much healthier lawn in the spring and summer.
  • Fertilizer Shopping – Fertilizer offers a triangular balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The highest level of nitrogen should never exceed 10-percent.
  • Best Fertilizers – Low maintenance lawns usually have organic-type fertilizers. Chemical, non-organic salts are cheaper but are far more difficult on the soil and microbes.
  • Lime – This is a common addition in eastern and midwestern areas in the U.S. The addition of lime once a year helps counteract the affects of environmental acid rain.
  • Additional Tips:
    • Sharpening mower blades often is recommended as dull blades can damage the grass.
    • Instead of raking, consider running the lawn mower of leaves to help turn into soil compost.
    • Push-type spreaders are best to apply lime and fertilizer. Always follow the directions.
    • Mow when the grass is dry.
    • Mulching mowers are excellent.
    • Consider purchasing pellet lime, as it is significantly easier to apply.

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